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Wisconsin Juniors Volleyball

Frequently Asked Questions

Does your club provide retention offers?  Retention offers are determined on a player by player basis and vary depending upon age group, needs of a particular class, etc.  After completion of the season the Directors and Coaches review the season and discuss any potential retention offers that will be given out for the following season.   The Retention Offer Period ran from August 1 - August 10, 2022 and is currently closed for the 2022-2023 Club Season.  MJV had an incredibly successful Retention Period, but do still have plenty spots available on all teams.

How does your club handle multi-sport athletes? We fully support multi-sport athletes, as well as athletes who have involvement in other extra-curricular programming.  We have found that doing other sports will often help improve their volleyball game and vice-versa. Communication about conflicts from the player/parents to the coach ahead of time so everyone can plan accordingly is a crucial piece of making the season a success.

How does your club handle player/parent and coach conflict?  In our club we have a 24 hour waiting period. If any issue occurs at a tournament or practice that the player/parents would like to discuss with the coach, they will need to wait 24 hours before reaching out to Club Administration about the issue.  An appropriate first step would be for the player to attempt to resolve the issue or concern with his or her coach.  If conflict persists beyond the coach and player, the issue can then be resolved with parents and Club Administration invovlement.

When does my financial obligation begin?  Upon formal acceptance, the Club  will collect a deposit equal to 10% of your total club dues for the season.  Accepted Retention Offers will have the deposits they've made credited against future obligations.

With USAV changing their age bracket policy, is there a form I can look at to see where my child falls for tryouts?  This is the link to the USAV website that explains for which age group your athlete should tryout.  Check Here for more details.

How many players are on each team? We typically have 10 or 11 players per team. 

What is your tryout process like? The player and parent will check in at our registration desk. The player will then receive a tryout shirt and continue down into the gym. Coaches will run designed drills and games and evaluate all of the players at the tryout.  Additional data may be captured (height, jump touch, shuttle run, etc.).  During the tryout offers will be given out based on results of our evaluations and assessments.  Emails will go out to all players either saying they have received an offer or that they have not gotten one, but could potentially get one based on declines of other offers. 

Do you allow parents at your tryouts? We run a closed tryout process. If players or parents have questions after the tryout is complete, the coaches for that team will be available to answer those for anyone. 

What if my athlete cannot attend both tryout sessions? Attending both is helpful, but not ultimately required.  If we have athletes who are "bubble kids" then it is great to get another look.  That's probably 20% of athletes.  The other 80% are usually more straightforward to evaluate.  Difficult to address this question with specificity until we know how many athletes are in our gym.